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  We are in the age of information explosion, most of us have the experience of receiving kinds of direct mails every two or three days, These DMs are promotion coupon, catalogue, leaflet...etc. Most of them have the same content instead of customization to each recipient. So in the most case the content is not recipient's really need. Of course it can't bring substantial sales for the marketer. This kind of marketing campaign not only waste production cost and waste mailing fee, but also it is not welcome by the recipient.

How to make the direct mailing more attractive to arouse the potential's interest? Personalized DM is one of the effective way. Along with the popularization of digital printing, it is possible to produce the personalized DM. How to make thousands of DMs more quickly, more personalized, more economically? HAIYAA VariPrint gives its own positive solution through providing more state of art technologies.

Comparing with personalized card making, personalized DM have more requirement on variable special effect, variable text flow, CMYK color support...etc. Specially logic processing is very important and necessary. VariPrint build in more than 40 kinds of functions, By setting parameter freely, the customer can always find the best solution to meet complicated demand. VariPrint not only provide sophisticated variable content itself, for example, text, image, barcode, but also provide variable properties of these elements, such as variable font size, typeface, color and even the position of variable box. That is to say, once you have set the logic criteria of variables. you will get various kinds of effects and highly customization for both layout and content.

After all, The direct mail produced by VariPrint will attract your eyes more and ensure to bring more business.

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