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Bills and statement printing is another important application of variable data printing. The documents here include: commercial bill, list, financial statement, insurance document, public industry billing, tax list, etc.

The specification of the previous bills and statement printing solution are: black/white, large volume, always pure text and number. Along with the competition and commercialization of government responsibility, more and more attractive personalized bills and statement come.

From the standpoint of the bank, insurance or securities companies, personalized documents can add value to their customer service by offering more personal information. On the other hand, many public industries have large number of accurate data at hand, how to make full use of them to get more profit is a big consideration. HAIYAA VariPrint Statement version is developed to meet above new demand.

Comparing with card making, bills and statement printing solution will have following different technical concern:

1. Should support multiple database or multiple list in the same database, one field is used as a connection between different databases or different lists. This will decrease data redundancy. In the practical situation, the end user always provide plain text file as data source. So at first, we should transform this plain text file into standard database format in order to do processing later.

2. Should have the power to process large number of records.

3. More variable information included. Besides customer information and its consumption detail information, it also include some other text, such as promotion description according to different personal consumption, birthday greeting words, new business introduction, feedback about customer's complain, etc.

4. Should support functions and database logic. Applying functions and logic set in some criteria, different picture will be positioned along with different description, and different ads will be inserted.

5. Barcode support, one dimension barcode is the most popular barcode in bills and statement printing.

6. Fast printing speed, that means the documents can be printed at printer's rated speed. Since there are large number of bills and statement records printed in a limited printing window, software processing cycle is a very important spec. The whole printing cycle is consisted of four steps, that are software processing time, data transmission time, ripping time, printer engine output time. Parallel and record separation printing can shorten the whole cycle time very much.

7. Should have settings corresponding to finishing equipment, such as inserter and folding equipment. OMR recognition is a important technical concern.

8. Get and print on papers from different paper tray automatically on the fly. This function can print customer contact information and its consumption detail information simultaneously. It save the cost of both folding and mailing.

9. Support statistics charts, such as pie chart, curve chart and bar chart. For example, detail telecom consumption contents, such as long distance calling, local area calling, SMS, etc., can be displayed in the form of pie chart. Beside chart, personalized suggestion, new business model, promotion activity news or ads can be offered. This function make the data visualization.

HAIYAA VariPrint Bills&Statement version is user friendly and easy-of-use. The user can make use of its strong functions to design kinds of bills and statement format. Comparing other bills and statement printing solution, VariPrint have more features on personalization, flexible setting and outstanding price performance.

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