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There are so many security technologies in the world. Since we are very familiar with variable and digital printing, so different from others, we develop our security features in 3 directions. All of our products are based on variable and digital.

1. Make full use of smartphone, moving internet, (B/W or colorful) 2D barcode, various types of authentication pattern to let the consumers enjoy product authentication by themselves.
2. Make the content of security features used previously in traditional offset printer variable and digital.
3. Totally innovative technology developed based on digital printer’s latest technology and new material.

The thinking of the brand owner has changed
Many years ago, nearly all of brand owners think to add special design, mark and sign on the label and document. Only they know, the consumer doesn’t know. In this way, they come to find even they can escape legal responsibility from complaints and lawsuit, but their reputation will be damaged. So the thinking of the brand owner has changed, they want to find a security solution that is used by the consumers themselves before or when buying products or service.


>>Rich built-in functions for security label production


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