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One of the applications in variable data printing is the large volume printing of personalized card. Card printing includes card, coupon, ticket, sign, piece, etc. There are invitation card, greeting card, birthday card, Christmas card, attendee card, entrance card, film ticket, VIP card, seat card, gift label, product ID tag, certification, member card, telecom card, and so on.

The variable elements in this application include: text, number (serial number), image and barcode (one dimension barcode and two dimension barcode). The application also require to consider single or double sided printing, duplex and mirror printing, sequential or stack imposition, different kinds of barcode, combination layout with static text and variables, rotation, serial number creation automatically, functions support, multi-database and multi format database file support, fast output, etc. The output should be variable data only or variable data plus template, fit to frame, transparency and overprint setting, RGB, CMYK and spot color mode support.

Most of simple personalized card printing can be satisfied by many label printing softwares in the market. But for the card making with high complicated demand, HAIYAA VariPrint begin to show out its technical advantages.  Not only It can meet special demand, but also it is easy-of-use and it can  produce what you want quickly.

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