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We provide trial software and other software resources, please contact us to get login account.
Which version should I buy?
How about software upgrade free of charge?
How about technical support overseas?
How to shift the version in the trial application?
How about charge of upgrading to higher level version and how to do?
How to get remote online demonstration?
>>Which version should I buy?

Please check version comparison chart Specification Chart.

Refer to the thread titiled "Who will buy Standard version?   "

>>How about software upgrade free of charge?
HAIYAA provide ONE year of warranty to its package product sold if there isn't special notice in the purchase contract. During this period,  The customer can get software upgrade and technical support by telephone or email free of charge. After this period, The customer can select to buy next year maintenance service.
>>How about technical support overseas?
The technical support will be provided to the customer through the resellers located in the related country or region. If there is no reseller in your region, HAIYAA will provide technical support directly. Of course, the customer can contact us for technical help in any circumstance. During the warranty year, technical support is free of charge. If the customer want on-site installation or training service, the additional traveling and on-site service charge will be paid.

HAIYAA's online technical support will also be provided at Skype plus HAIYAA QuickSupport,

>>How to shift the version in the trial application?
There are four core versions of VariPrint, you can shift to the different version by changing the value of configuration file, Setting.ini in the trial version.

1. Close VariPrint at first.
2. Go to installation folder, such as C:\Program Files\VariPrint\bin
3. Open Setting.ini.
4. Change the value of RULER_VAL parameter. Defulat=0; 3=Standard, 0=Professional, 4= Statement&Billing
5. Save Setting.ini.
6. Start VariPrint again.

Be attention: some optional modules are not provided in the trial version. For more detail information, please ask our technical support.

>>How about charge of upgrading to higher level version and how to do?
If the customer want to upgrade the VariPrint to higher level version, he just need to pay price difference. In addition to payment, the customer need to tell us the ID number of software dongle. The step is as follows.

1) Insert dongle, go to the VariPrint's installation folder - /Program Files/VariPrint/bin

2) Double click Update,exe, there will display ID number in the window, write down Key Information and send to us.


3) Open VariPrint,  go the menu Help--About VariPrint, write down Internal ID and send to us.

4) Upon the receipt of ID number, we will give back a upgrade. The user insert the dongle at first, then open this exe file and select CONFIRM. If OK displays, it means the dongle upgrade is successful.

5) It's better to re-install the software after the upgrade.

Above upgrade method is also applied to adding optional modules.

>>How to get remote online demonstration?
1. Please install Skype at first, then add us by selecting our Skype Name: haiyaatech

2. Install HAIYAA QuickSupport  which is a free remote access and remote desktop sharing software. Be attention: Run as administraor. then tell our technical support the ID.

3. Prepare a set of microphone.

4. Make an appointment, our engineer will guide you the next step. Finally, our screen will be displayed at your computer. The engineer will demo the software while explaining.

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