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Business Partner
Industrial Consultant employed by Shanghai Publishing and Printing College
>>VariPrint - The Core Platform of all of Our Solutions

HAIYAA VariPrint is a unique variable data printing solution it is a high performance solution in the market today for handling millions of records in one single job. VariPrint uses the state of art technology to integrate variable data together to meet the ever increasing demand of the market. It can manipulate text in any graphical manner, support Unicode characters, images, barcodes, charts, etc...VariPrint also support a long list of printing devices including Canon, Konica Minolta, HP Indigo, Kodak, Xerox, InfoPrint, Xeikon, EPSON, SCREEN... in the market, VariPrint currently serves a wide spectrum of the industry including, personalized identity cards printing, direct mailing, bills, statement, cloth label and anti-counterfeiting prevention. It is not a surprise that we have customers in motor car industry, cloth industry, banking sector, direct mailing, security printing, government, medical, pharmaceutical, schools, international retail chains......
- [2018-01-25] Haiyaa release Accelerator to speed up prepress for the very big volume variable job with complex background and special variable security features Detail
- [2016-05-22] Haiyaa TAGImposer R targets optimized gang imposition for wide format digital web press Detail
- [2016-05-20] Haiyaa succeeds in integrating its fiber pattern with HP SmartStream Designer Detail
- [2016-04-11] Haiyaa release variable UV fluorescent pattern printed by normal CMYK ink Detail
- [2016-01-10] Haiyaa launch its variable heat transfer tag and tagless prepress solution Detail

>> Events
- LabelExpo Asia 2017, Shanghai, China
- Pemex 2017, Mumbai, India
- ProPack Asia 2017, Bangkok, Thailand
- China Print 2017, Beijing, China
- Dscoop Phoenix 2017, Phoenix, US
- LabelExpo India 2016, Deli, India
- HP MasterClass 2017, China
- Drupa 2016, Dusseldorf, Germany


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